Petar Maymounkov


Tue, Jan 1, 2013

All friends are teachers, needless to say.

In lieu of LinkedIn. Invariant under permutations.

Yossi Zur — Yossi is a primus inter pares of Ashtanga teachers. He takes photographs simply. They cause profound affect.
Tasho Kaletha — Specialist in endoscopy, the mathematical one.
Mark Gorton — Pioneer in algorithmic finance. Philanthropist in various domains: city planning, freedom of information, and others.
King Chris Coyne — Invented digital love-partner retrieval (aka OkCupid).
David Mazières — Stanford Professor with a guitar. My co-author on Kademlia and ex-advisor. Author of the self-certifying file system which has since inspired a lot of the core technology at Google, OkCupid and others.
Russ Cox — Bell Labs, Plan 9, Go Language, and lots more.
Max Krohn — Pioneer of the high-performance asynchronous web server OKWS and an overall backend man-miracle. Co-founder of OkCupid.
Sam Yagan — One of Time Magazine's 100 most influencial people. Co-founder of OkCupid.