Petar Maymounkov

Thoughts are corporations

Mon, Mar 3, 2014

Most “sane” people have faith—in one form or another—in one
Unifying concept: “God”, “Theory”, “Allah”, “Patanjali”, “Riemann” or
Otherwise meaning-in-living and explicability-of-everything.

Some invoke the unifier when feeling fails—the “believers”,
Other invoke the unifier when reasoning fails–the “thinkers”.
Some are in between, others are extreme.
All invoke “her” in a pickle.

I command thought a notch better than I command feelings.
Science precedes the belief.
I know one unifying concept that my entire breed uniformly believes (hopes to be true):
The yet-unknown thought-weaving method of the mind is identical across all humans.

This makes me pause and ponder. Are you?