Petar Maymounkov

In the news

Tue, Jan 1, 2013

Following are links to publications that reference my work directly.


Tonika and Digital Anonymity, Skype Interview on FLOSS Weekly, 2014
Feature in 1000th edition of Computerworld Bulgaria, Computerworld Bulgaria, 2014
My The Go Circuit Project was featured in the opening and press-releases of the DARPA XData initiative's Open Catalog, 2014

Short-form news articles

Breaking bottlenecks, MITnews, 2011
New algorithm breaks bottlenecks, R&D, 2011
New algorithm enables much faster dissemination of information through self-organizing networks, PHYS.ORG, 2011
Razorback2 Bust Fails to Dent eDonkey Traffic, TechNewsWorld, 2006

Long-form legal literature on human rights and copyright

Access to Knowledge in Brazil, Bloomsbury Academic Press, 2010